Community Creekline Conservation

Over the past few weeks we’ve seen a colourful transformation at our Peel offices in WA. But it’s not just the early spring blooms brightening up the place. We’ve also been joined by dozens of smiling community members and neighbours, all helping to restore the riparian zone and creekline that runs by the office. Check out some of the changes.

The Peel Biolink is one of our most ambitious landscape projects. Along with our partners we’re planning to build habitat and wildlife links across a vast area from the Darling Scarp to the Peel Estuary.

One part of the puzzle is actually the area immediately surrounding our Peel offices near the Alcoa Wagerup refinery, at the Alcoa Landcare Education Centre; affectionately known as ALEC.

This has been a very special time at ALEC because our past, present and future have all come together at once. Seedlings that were planted in years gone by have woken up after the winter, our incredible volunteers have been restoring the creek for future generations, and today’s younger generation has been helping to pot out seeds in preparation for next year.

Banksia menziesii and Acacia dentifera Banksia menziesii and Acacia dentifera

Here are some of the younger crew assisted in potting out native trees for next year’s plantings:

Weed-matting and native brushing was used to stabilise the embankment which was then revegetated with locally-sourced native tree species:

Hopefully lots more birds will be back and busy laying eggs:

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Anigozanthos manglesii Anigozanthos manglesii

Here are a few more of the flowers that have just come into bloom in the Peel Biolink:

Calothamnus quadrifidus & Melaleuca incana Calothamnus quadrifidus & Melaleuca incana

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