Celebrating our people

Individuals who have given us outstanding meritorious contribution, service or assistance to advancing our mission.

Every year we recognise the outstanding contributions, service or assistance of exceptional individuals of our people, awarding them for advancing our mission and vision.

Our awards acknowledge our dedicated staff, landholders and volunteers. The 2018 winners are:

The Chris Jones Landholder Award: Oral McGuire, Western Australia
For over 10 years, Oral and his family have worked with Greening Australia to return over 400 hectares of farmland to their natural habitat on their property ‘Yaraguire’ in Western Australia. A clear and articulate thinker with a contemporary vision for the Noongar people, Oral is always willing to share his traditional knowledge and discuss ideas on how to improve environmental outcomes, which has helped shape our restoration work. Oral has also been extremely generous in allowing Greening Australia to use his property as a demonstration site and always welcomes visits from school groups, businesses, and funding bodies.

Oral’s vision for Yaraguire is for it to be an educational and cultural learning centre that develops employment pathways for local indigenous people. He is a frequent presenter at seminars and conferences, where he promotes his vision and how Greening Australia is helping him to achieve it. The relationship built between Oral and Greening Australia over the past decade has been fundamental to the success of our large-scale restoration work at Yaraguire.

“I feel genuinely privileged and blessed to have been able to work so closely with Oral and his family, and my learning through the journey has been profound.” – Anne Smith, Greening Australia Business Unit Leader, CPS on her work with Oral and his family at Yaraguire

Cumberland Dodds Award: Martin Potts, Victoria
Martin’s wide-ranging strengths and courage to think ‘outside the square’ has made Greening Australia the ‘go-to’ restoration organisation in Gippsland, Victoria. He is a self-starter who embeds science in his on-ground work and actively involves local communities and traditional owners in all his projects. Martin’s reliability, coupled with his skills and knowledge, have assisted in him becoming a highly valued asset by regional organisations. Whether he’s working on existing projects or securing new work, Martin consistently delivers results by working closely with, and instilling confidence in, those around him. He is an outstanding example of a staff member implementing our mission “to create healthy, productive landscapes where people and nature thrive”.

People and Culture Award: Samantha Craigie, New South Wales
Samantha consistently demonstrates a supportive and proactive leadership style. She played an integral role in the development of our Western Sydney Seed Production Area, sourcing and hand collecting native seeds to help build the diverse range of plant species that now supports our restoration work in NSW. Always one to listen and assist, Samantha’s ability to build trust and respect with colleagues has been instrumental to the success of our Western Sydney grassland restoration work. Samantha truly embodies Greening Australia’s values and behaviours.

New Leader Award: Dr Lynise Wearne, Queensland
Lynise joined Greening Australia in 2016 where she quickly became the backbone of Reef Aid. As a highly skilled and passionate ecologist, Lynise is always striving to ensure science is used to achieve maximise results on the ground.

While Lynise’s nature is to be quiet and modest, she is a relentless leader who will stand up for what she believes is right for Greening Australia, and to maximise our impact to save the Great Barrier Reef. Without Lynise’s outstanding contribution, Reef Aid would not be where it is today.

Volunteer of the Year Award: Bev Joyce, Victoria
For over six years, Bev has quietly contributed countless hours to our restoration work in the Victorian Volcanic Plains. Bev also attends all our local events where she assists staff with the coordination and mentoring of students in the field. Bev’s enthusiasm for Limeburner’s Lagoon and for the young people she mentors is infectious and her support serves as an invaluable reminder for our local staff of what makes working for Greening Australia so rewarding.