Trees for Tickets

It’s seven years since we first partnered up with WA’s Sunset Events. Many thousands of trees later we’re still working with them on strategic revegetation projects to offset the carbon emissions from their Southbound and West Coast Blues ‘n’ Roots festivals. Here are some of the results….

The Tree per Ticket program has supported the implementation of two high value biodiversity plantings in our Living Mortlock project. Living Mortlock is designed to revitalise and protect the unique environment of the Wheatbelt’s Northern branch of the Mortlock River. The Mortlock River is an important river for all West Australians who enjoy the Swan River, as the Mortlock River north branch directly feeds into the Swan-Avon River. Plantings for the Tree per Ticket program go directly into strategic revegetation sites that contribute to improving the health of the Mortlock and, in turn, have a positive impact downstream in the Swan River.

In 2012 and 2013 Sunset Events’ Tree per Ticket program provided support in the Wheatbelt to work with local schools, farming groups and landholders to help establish 39,200 local plants with local farmers contributing the in-kind cost of site preparation, planting, pest management and ongoing  maintenance.

In 2014 the support from the Tree per Ticket program supported two high profile and strategic projects in our Living Mortlock project area. The first site dedicated to Sunset’s support is a river restoration planting on the banks of an important area in Northam where the Mortlock East and Mortlock North Rivers meet. This site, known as Enright Park, is an important environmental, cultural and recreation site.

A hotspot of neighbouring farmers in the Living Mortlock project had expressed an interest in undertaking a range of conservation and landcare works. With the invaluable support of Sunset Events’ Tree per Ticket funding, we were able to provide these farmers with the seedlings for this ambitious project.

In the winter of 2014 the three families involved in this project undertook the following:
• 13,200 seedlings planted – which is the equivalent of turning Langley Park into a natural parkland!
• 37.2 km of direct seeded native vegetation
• 39 ha of a sustainable native fodder systems established.
• 5 ha of biodiversity revegetation planted.

Through Sunset Events generous support we can continue to undertake strategic revegetation projects that provide carbon sinks, improve habitat values and support sustainable agriculture outcomes that have positive impacts for both the local and broader WA community.