The Greater Glider is on the brink of extinction.

Habitat loss through climate change and land clearing in Australia is putting wildlife at risk. Without help, animals like the Greater Glider won’t survive.

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The Greater Glider might not be famous like the Koala or the Quokka, but this little-known nocturnal marsupial still urgently needs our help.

Greater Gliders are on the brink of extinction. As the climate crisis intensifies, risks to them and other threatened species will only increase.

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Planting Native Trees

Rebuilding Habitats

Tackling Climate Change

The black summer bushfires were devastating for Australian wildlife. We’re helping to rebuild natural habitats and protecting the forest homes of animals like the Greater Glider.

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We find solutions that rebuild nature

Greening Australia is restoring landscapes across the country to help save threatened species.

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