One of the key Project Phoenix activities was the development of a 10 Year Strategy for the Australian Native Seed Sector, which proposes a coordinated approach to growing the sector. The Strategy’s ultimate aim is to support a sustainable supply of high-quality native seed to underpin landscape restoration and biodiversity conservation.

Click below to read a summary or a full version of the draft Strategy.

Read the Summary - Project Phoenix National Strategy Draft

Read the Project Phoenix National Strategy Draft


Voices from the Australian Native Seed Sector

Find out what the native seed sector had to say about the draft Ten-year Strategy for the Australian Native Seed Sector!

A four-week public consultation process was held as part of developing the draft Strategy, where we received feedback from the native seed sector.  Getting the sector’s views was important to make sure the draft Strategy focuses on practical steps to bring real benefits for individuals and organisations, so we can build a sustainable native seed sector for Australia.

Read the Consultation Report - Voices from The Australian Native Seed Sector


National Code of Practice for Native Seed Management

We developed an Options Paper on what a National Code of Practice might look like, and how it could work in practice.  (Feedback on the Options Paper is also included in the Consultation Report).

Read the Code of Practice Options Paper

Contacting Greening Australia

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