Reef Aid

Research and innovation at Minnie Vale Station

To improve the health of the Great Barrier Reef by stopping sediment at its source, Greening Australia completed works to restore eroding land and pastoral environment at Minnie Vale Station on the Don River.

The Challenge

On highly erodible soils like those in Queensland’s Dry Tropics region, gullies can form in areas where vegetation is reduced and water runoff is high. Vehicle and animal tracks can also trigger or exacerbate the gullying process by channelling and increasing water flow across the land. Simply removing cattle won’t stop the erosion and landholders lack the resources and expertise to tackle the problem at the scale needed to create real change.

With tens of thousands of gullies carving up the Great Barrier Reef, the impact of this erosion on the water quality of the Reef is a cause for local and global concern.

The Solution

Greening Australia partnered with Minnie Vale Station through Reef Aid to reshape and resurface the land and then stabilise it by planting native trees and shrubs. This innovative, holistic approach serves to reduce runoff and slows the flow of water within the gullies, helping to stop sediment at its source. Research has indicated that using this method can reduce sediment run-off by up to 75% in some areas.

On-ground work at Minnie Vale included the installation of check dams to slow water flow and capture sediment within gullies, restoration of gullies with vegetation to increase water filtration, and grazing management to improve pastures and reduce runoff in the wet season.

By learning about ways to improve and rehabilitate pastures and sustainably manage their land, graziers are also able to improve productivity and gain a better understanding of the cost and benefits to achieve better crop outcomes. A win-win for people and nature.

Similar Reef Aid projects to address erosion in ways that work for communities, economies and nature are being rolled out in strategic erosion hotspots across the Great Barrier Reef catchment.


The Minnie Vale Station project is wholly funded by the Australian Government’s Reef Trust. For more information about this project, please feel free to send us an online query.