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Project Phoenix National Strategy Submission

Have Your Say

It’s time to have your say on the draft Ten-year Strategy for the Australian Native Seed Sector. Your views are important and essential to making sure the draft Strategy is focused on practical steps that make a real difference, bring tangible benefits for individuals, organisations and build a sustainable native seed sector for Australia.

You can have your say by:

  • Making a quick submission via the survey form via the link below. It can take less than 5 minutes and has a 400-word limit per answer.
  • If you would like to respond in more detail you can make a written submission instead – Word documents are preferred. Make sure you attach the cover sheet when you email your response to [email protected]Public submissions for the draft Strategy and National Code of Practice are open from Monday 5 July to Monday 2 August 2021.  Please note that we have extended the 4-week consultation period by adding an extra 2 days to Monday 2 August.  Due to the short timeframe, no additional extensions can be granted.

Contacting Greening Australia 

If you have any problems sending your submission, or if you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected] or phone us on 1300 886 589.

Read the SUMMARY - Project Phoenix National Strategy Draft

Read the Project Phoenix National Strategy Draft

Make your submission on the National Strategy

Project Phoenix Code of Practice feedback submission

A National Code of Practice for Native Seed management was strongly supported during the Project Phoenix design workshops, as well as being mentioned in the FloraBank Guidelines. However, there has been some uncertainty about what a National Code of Practice would look like, and how it could be applied.

Project Phoenix has developed an Options Paper to explore what a National Code of Practice could look like, how it might be implemented and whether it might be able to address some of the issues faced by the sector.

This feedback form provides the opportunity to give your views to ensure that a National Code of Practice is valued by and useful to all sector participants.

Read the Code of Practice Options Paper

Make your submission on the Code of Practice Options Paper

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