Ian Rollins

Ian is one of Australia’s emerging environmental leaders and has over 15 years of international experience leading, designing and delivering environmental programs across the natural resource and environmental sectors.  Ian is a technical expert in end-to-end delivery of landscape restoration and sustainable resource development.  He has practical insight into the land, resources, energy and agricultural sectors and an exceptional ability to identify and develop natural capital projects through environmental markets.

Ian is a passionate, innovative and future focused leader who enjoys helping teams successfully navigate the intersection between commercial and environmental outcomes and is a persuasive orator with an excellent track record of environmental business development.  His experience in both the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors, gives him the unique advantage to identify and develop win-win solutions for business, communities and the environment.

He enjoys working at Greening Australia because we get the opportunity to turn concepts into action. He also loves the challenge of knowing we are impacting landscape-level changes across Australia. Nature in its own right is full of solutions for society, at Greening Australi we get to bring these solutions back to life to help people and the planet.

He enjoys teaching his children about nature, going camping, mountain biking, basketball and playing music.