Dr Elisa Raulings

Elisa is passionate about combining the art of complex restoration with solid science to ensure her work makes a difference on the ground.

Before becoming part of our Programs and Science Team, Elisa managed our Victorian Conservation Planning and Science Unit and has been proud to work alongside many of Australia’s leading scientists to understand how we can create better outcomes for people and nature.

Prior to working for Greening Australia, Elisa worked as a researcher across many disciplines, including pollination ecology, co-evolution of plants and animals, water management, fire recovery and plant dispersal. She has undertaken field work across Australia and South Africa chasing butterflies at day and moths at night, collecting new species of wildflowers and wading through frozen swamps.

Elisa also loves designing with plants and has trained in plant design. She works alongside the talented Great Southern Landscapes team to create beautiful and resilient places where people and nature can thrive like the Bank Australia Conservation Reserve.

“One of my favorite projects is restoring and creating new habitat for the Helmeted Honeyeater and Lowland Leadbeater’s Possum who live in the same wet swampy locations. I’ve been working with a range of committed scientists and partner organisations to understand what these animals need and translate that information into specific habitat requirements.”

Dr Elisa Raulings