We partner with Australia’s top universities, researchers and PhD students to ensure that our work remains leading edge and is achieving the best possible results. Here are some of the research partners we are privileged to work with.

Western Australia

Partner Current Projects
University of Western Australia
  • Revegetation on the Future Farm 2050 Project at Ridgefield Farm (20 MT Tranche 1), biodiversity planning
  • Eco-engineering solutions to improve mine-site rehabilitation outcomes (Global Innovation Linkage Grant)
  • The role of digging mammals as ecosystem engineers in restoring degraded landscapes (support for proposed PhD project)
Curtin University, ARC Centre for Mine Site Restoration
  • Innovation Park Native Seed Orchard (Northern Agricultural Region, WA)
  • Evaluating and managing stress levels of EPBC listed fauna associated with mining
Curtin University, Department of Environment and Agriculture
  • Research and development of our alternative farming systems (ie Shade, Shelter, Fodder)
Curtin University, Architecture
  • Design and development of a Bush University at Nowanup in partnership with Nowanup Mooditch Boodja and Gondwana Link Ltd.
Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority (Kings Park)
  • Eco-engineering solutions to improve mine-site rehabilitation outcomes (Global Innovation Linkage Grant)
  • Realising production and biodiversity benefits of innovative seed technologies in agricultural landscapes by scaling up in mixed farming revegetation systems in the WA Wheatbelt
Murdoch University
  • Evaluating ecological restoration at our Peniup property in Gondwana Link
Edith Cowan University
  • Bringing Them Back: Learning from past strategic restoration programs in the southern West Australian Wheatbelt
CRC for Honey Bee Products
  • Development of native-based vegetation sites to support honey bee production


Partner Current Projects
Arthur Rylah Institute (DELWP)
  • Restoration prioritisation and Gippsland Lakes Management Actions prioritisation
LaTrobe University & ARI
  • Restoration monitoring protocols for CMAs & Greening Australia
Bank Australia
  • Monitoring restored habitat in the Wimmera, developing an ecological burn plan and an experimental restoration overlay
RMIT & City of Melbourne
  • Arc Linkage – Nature in cities and peoples perceptions of nature
Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, Vic
  • Restoration monitoring
  • Climate Change Plots and Seed Provenance Trials
University of Melbourne, Melbourne Water, Zoos Victoria
  • ARC Linkage Grant (2015-2018) Overcoming multiple constraints to wetland forest restoration
Parks Victoria
  • Creating and relinking habitat for Leadbeater’s Possums and Helmeted Honeyeaters – Haining Farm


Partner Current Projects
Australian National University
  • Restoration monitoring of revegetation projects and ecological outcomes, focussing on south-eastern NSW
  • Climate-adjusted provenance mix in revegetation – direct-seeding trials at 3 sites, NSW southern tablelands
  • Provenance trials of Eucalyptus viminalis to address Monaro dieback
CSIRO / ACT government
  • Provenance trials of Eucalytus blakelyi to address dieback
University of Canberra
  • Analysis of the Hydrogeological landscape (HGL) processes on the Monaro to inform Eucalyptus viminalis dieback

New South Wales

Partner Current Projects
University of Western Sydney
  • Supporting Post-doc studies investigating the relationships between insect pollinators and native ground layer species to determine if native flora can be used to increase pollination in agricultural settings (e.g. orchards, vineyards)
  • Supporting Post-doc studies investigating the relationship between plant species diversity and soil microbial and fungal communities
  • Supporting Post-Doc studies investigating the tolerance of native grasses to soil pollutants
  • Ongoing informal partnership with Honours Students studying various fauna topics on restoration sites
  • GA Representative in WSU hosted UN Regional Centre for Environmental Education
  • Research on climate adaptation of Acacia species – a multi provenance planting within 20 Million Trees revegetation site


Partner Current Projects
University of Tasmania
  • Understanding and overcoming the constraints of direct seeding on native species in the Tasmanian Midlands.
  • Developing an animal-centric model of restoration (Tasmanian Midlands, ARC Linkage project supporting 5 PhD candidates).
  • Centre for Forest Value: ARC Industrial Transformation Training Centre
  • Providing a genetic framework to enhance the success and benefits from forest restoration and carbon plantings in rural landscapes
CSIRO/ Forest & Wood Products Australia
  • Lifting farm gate profit through high-value modular agroforestry



Partner Current Projects
University of Adelaide
  • RIRDC pollination project. Looking at native pollinators for commercial crops inc. lucerne, apples and canola – in collaboration with many other groups across multiple states.
  • ARC linkage proposal on microbiomes – benefits for humans in urban landscapes, particularly natural areas in urban landscapes



Partner Current Projects
University of Queensland
  • Polymer trials for direct seeding
JCU – Trop Water
  • GBR Priority Coastal Habitat and Wetlands project – Fig Tree Lagoon – Nathan Waltham (Trop Water)
  • GBR Coastal Wetlands – Crooked Waterhole/ Mungalla (Nathan Waltham (Trop Water)
Griffith University
  • Reef Innovation Fund Gully Remediation Project – Water quality analysis /sediment sampling
  • Strathalbyn Gully Remediation
  • Don RIver Sediment Reduction Project
  • Reef Trust IV Gully program
DES – Department of Environment and Science
  • Water Quality monitoring – wetlands and gullies
AIMS – Australian Institute of Marine Science
  • Linking sediment reduction work to Great Barrier Reef research