Landholder Chris Shannon is working with Greening Australia to restore his fine wool sheep property in Talmo, New South Wales, which has been in his family for four generations. Using regenerative agriculture practices, we are assisting Chris with enhancing biodiversity, improving productivity and sequestering carbon on his farm.


On Goreng Country near Katanning, Western Australia, Greening Australia is working with landholder Stephen Barrett to regenerate the landscape on his property to enhance biodiversity, create shelter for livestock and local wildlife, and sequester carbon.


The Camerons have been working with Greening Australia on their property (Mona Vale) in Ross, Tasmania for the past three years. So far, we have planted twenty thousand trees together, and the Camerons are looking to create more shelter belts and corridors to work in with their intensive farming system, over the next five years.


Together with cane farmer Lenny Parisi and Mulgrave Landcare, we’ve transformed marginal caneland into a wetland to filter nutrients from water flowing to the Great Barrier Reef. Greening Australia works with landholders like Lenny on innovative projects to modify existing drainage systems or construct treatment trains to reduce nutrient export to the Reef.


On the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia, Greening Australia has been working with landholder Bill Nosworthy to re-establish and direct seed native species on his property to replenish the landscape and enhance biodiversity. 

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