A word from our CEO:

I want to share with you my first official day as the new CEO of Greening Australia.

It was this last July. The day started very early, with the winter sun low in the Victorian sky as I arrived at a restoration site at Limeburners Lagoon, on Wadawurrung Country, just outside of Geelong. And in those first few minutes after I stepped out of the car and made my way to a Greening Australia planting site, I was struck by how much life there was around me.

The whole area, from those mangroves on the shore, to the surrounding trees and grasslands is a haven for birds of all kinds – cormorants, egrets, wrens, parrots – who during the day find food and nest, and at night settle down to roost. Some of the birds had no doubt been awake since before sunrise, their calls punctuating the still morning as the rest of us were still waking up to get on with our day.

The lagoon is part of Port Phillip Bay, and amongst the mangroves that line parts of the shore were fish – their swimming creating an occasional ripple across the water as they chased their next meal.

Limeburners Lagoon is somewhere nature can thrive – a place that native animals can call ‘home’.

I was joining some of our dedicated supporters who, like you, know how important it is to look after our native plants and animals. They know that our families, communities, livelihoods, and collective wellbeing all depend on the health of our environment, and they see the value of taking practical action to restore and rejuvenate our precious Australian natural environment. And on that July morning, that’s what we were there to do.

We were there to restore some of what we’ve lost and create a place for our wildlife to call home.

Restoring lost habitat is one of the leading, practical actions we can take to ensure the survival of our plants and animals.

Please consider donating generously this year so we can plant millions of native trees, shrubs, and grasses across Australia, and create homes for our wildlife.

I wish you and those you care about a safe and happy festive season and thank you for your support!

Heather Campbell

CEO, Greening Australia


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