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Bulimba Creek Oxbow

In 2000, just south of Brisbane, a highly degraded wetland area called the Bulimba Creek Oxbow* was under further threat from a motorway project that was to be built through the site. Greening Australia joined a coalition to help.

A coalitio was formed between government, industry and the community to identify the potential of restoring the ecological function of the Oxbow. On ground work began in 2003 and Greening Australia has been working in partnership with the Bulimba Creek Catchment Coordinating Committee (B4C), the Department of Main Roads, and Powerlink to continue with revegetation and weed control activity. 

In the coming year, a number of locations within the Oxbow site will be revegetated with native plants in order to remove weeds and increase native species diversity. In May, 75 Rio Tinto Alcan staff and their families took the afternoon off work to help revegetate part of this site with Greening Australia.

One of the major successes of the project thus far is the re-connection of the Oxbow to the surrounding natural waterways, with13 fish species now being found in the area including yellow perchlet, southern herring, tiger mullet, along with other fish species.

After restoring 4,000 mangroves, water quality has improved and this added habitat now harbours an ecosystem that includes various native bird species, such as the Cattle Egrets, Red-Rumped Parrots and Masked Lapwings.

Work continues.

* An oxbow lake is a U-shaped lake water body formed when a wide meander from the main stem of a river is cut off to create a lake.

Project Achievements

  • A positive model of what can be achieved when industry and environment groups work together.
  • The Wetland Area will provide a sanctuary for the conservation of biodiversity of flora and fauna in a highly urbanised location.
  • Vegetation rehabilitation of 108,627 square metres of wetland area in the lower catchment of Bulimba Creek - a cut off meander that was once the main channel of Bulimba Creek.
  • A halt to the degradation of Bulimba Creek following years of industrial use.
  • Significant improvement to water quality and access conditions for amphibian, avifauna and fish species to wetlands.
  • Improvements to erosion control and soil stability in the area.