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Our People

Dave Carr
Dave CarrDave's passion is native vegetation. It's important for the environment and for people. I enjoy helping people to understand and look after it. Plants are the lungs of the earth.
Ellie Clark
Ellie ClarkAs an ant behaviour specialist, Ellie has spent a lot of time studying miniature landscapes. Coordinating Habitat 141 has changed that and she is now focusing on the big picture.

Exchange – the national vegetation knowledge service

Exchange supports regional groups and land managers throughout Australia to access, manage and generate information and knowledge about native vegetation.

Since 2003 part of Exchange's work has been to develop tools and services to help people locate resources about native vegetation management in Australia. Exchange tools and services are easy to use and will save you time. You can:

Exchange is funded through Caring for Our Country with support from the Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) and the Australian Government Department of the Environment and Water Resources (DEWR).

A new partnership in Vegetation Management

Greening Australia has formed a new partnership with a number of leading NRM organisations to better coordinate information and knowledge exchange (primarily to regional NRM groups, but not exclusively) across the spectrum of native vegetation management.

A more detailed introduction to the partnership and details on what each organisation can offer you, will be made available shortly. In the interim, the following snapshot will give you an idea of how the partnership might benefit you.

Resource Toolkit

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